Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Viggianello, Contrada zarafa n.54
Owner: Maria de filpo
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Mountain

Our B & B is located in an environment surrounded by beautiful mountains in a place with spectacular views of nearby hills. Our home and the perfect location for families who want to find places to stay, the comfort of your own home, thanks to the services dedicated to your children, for travel, business and labor, for a dream holiday in a romantic setting is unobtrusive for all those who wish to spend some 'time in a natural and unspoiled. We will provide our guests a heated, areas reserved for smokers, possibility to return at any hour of the night, private parking, a lovely garden, kitchenette, gym, a large terrace. Our guests will find bottled water, espresso or mocha, hairdryer, TV, mirror, refrigerator, bed for baby (on requested), wf. We will give you a good morning with our rich and delicious breakfast with the possibility to arrange a time with the guest. Will welcome with us, even your friends - 4 zampe-. After only 2 km there is a junction indicated for the source of the Mercure. A downhill street will lead you to the largest source of the Pollino National Park. It 'a place of rare magic where the musical liveliness of the water that flows can be grasped in its most fascinating. The relentless noise and festive water that leaves the mysterious paths into the bowels of the mountain is the sign of karst phenomena affecting the whole area of ​​the Park. For most of the highest mountains of the Pollino are covered with snow that melts in water collects in karst basins (cd natural sinkholes) fueling underground rivers that flow into this place, giving rise to the most important river in the Park: the Lao . In the territory of Viggianello source and the river retains the name of Mercure in honor of God Merkurion given to him by the Byzantines. Even the name of the country of Viggianello is tied to this water: legend has it that a barbarian queen lost the ring in the clear water and when his subjects found him shouting joyfully Vidi-ring queen.


Min = 23 Max = 28 1 people daily
Min = 46 Max = 56 double room for two people per day