B&b annalů

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Guspini, Via armando diaz, 78
Owner: Annalisa Allucci
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

The modern déhor of the B&B Annalů ', recently renovated, offers accommodation in a double room at the top floor of a three storey apartment.
The room is spacious and bright, with a large terrace facing directly Mount Santa Margherita in Guspini. It is fully furnished with a double bed (with possibility of an extra single bed upon request) and TV. The bathroom is located on the ground floor where you will find the kitchen and living room to be shared with the owners.The living room overlooks a charming little garden decorated with care and taste where you can relax, park your two-wheeler or leave your four-legged friend!
The B & B Annalů is located in the center of Guspini, a peaceful village in southern Sardinia, close to shops, restaurants and pizzerias.
Guspini is situated at about 25 km from Costa Verde with its many beautiful beaches:
Torre deiCorsari and Pistis joined by 4 km of fine sand called ‘Sabbied’oro’ (Golden Sands), and further south, you can admire the beaches and landscapes of Funtanazza, Gutturu de Flumini and Portu Maga.
Continuing in the same direction, 10 minutes away, you can start to see the majestic dunes of Piscinas (among the largest and highest of Europe), where the landscape resembles a true desert where it meets the deep blue sea, giving rise to a spectacular scenery.
Proceeding inland you will meet several mining sites, including the small village of Ingurtosu, now inhabited by few families, but during the height of coal mining it was the central leadership of the mining areas.
The Mine of Ingurtosu is one of eight mine sites that make up the Environmental Historical Park Geominerario of Sardinia, officially recognised by UNESCO in 1997.
Last,but not least, stop of this path in this valley called "Is Animas", is the village of Montevecchio.
Here you can choose to do a guided tour (there are several to choose from)or you can explore the area by yourselfwhere you will be able to admire the Palazzo dellaDirezione (Palace of Direction), Sant 'Antonio’s well, Piccalinna and much more.
If you're lucky, during this fascinating journey, you can chance upon a Sardinian deer.
Besides beaches, in this part of the Island, you can visit the Nuragic Village of Barumini, the caves of "Su Mannau" and the Temple of Antasin Fluminimaggiore as well as the medieval castle in Sanluri.
For nature lovers, you can hike inVillacidro on "Monti Mannu", in Gonnosfanadiga on "Monte Linas" in Guspini on "Monte Arcuentu" or "Monte Maiore.".
You can also arrange horse riding.
For more information on activities, availability and pricing, please contact b.b.annalu @ gmail.com



Min = 20 Max = 30 1 people daily
Min = 40 Max = 60 double room for two people per day