Camping village panoramico fiesole

Property Overview

Type: Campeggi
Address: Fiesole, Via peramonda 1
Owner: Giacomo Bensi
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

The most beautiful balcony in the world

Camping Village Panoramico Fiesole is just 7 km from the historic centre of Florence. Nestled in wooded parkland, since 1956, it has welcomed generations of tourists whose exceptional experiences have created a long-lasting emotional ties to the camp.

The birth of new friendships, marriage proposals, engagement parties and first camping experiences are part of everyday life here.

The quiet, the sunrise, the sunset and the breathtaking view from the world's most beautiful balcony accompanies campers during their vacations. Fiesole is one of the richest cultural and artistic centres of Tuscany. It is a special and suggestive place difficult to forget.

At Camping Village Panoramico Fiesole choose an open air holiday on terraced pitches surrounded by centuries-old trees or the comfort of a chalet or mobile home.



Min = 35 Max = 115 double room for two people per day