Pompeii ruins

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Pompei, Traversa andolfi n 16
Owner: anna maria de felice
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

Bed & Breakfast
In a wing reserved and indipendent of the hotel business of Pompeii Ruins Hotel, was born the "Bed and Breakfast".

It is a cozy and comfortable abode with a service of lodging and breakfast managed by Mrs Marianna, located at the center of an interesting tourist and archaeological interest

Well connected with the highway and the Circumvesuviana Railway Station which are both a few hundred meters, the Pompeii Ruins Hotel bed and breakfast is at the center of a large tourist area.

This lucky geographical position allows wealthy and discover the most famous tourist and archaeological sites:

Excavations of Pompeii (1 KM), of Oplontis (2 Km)
Herculaneum (20 KM), The Naples (25 km)
and in the cities' notes to the sea of ​​the Tyrrhenian coast:

Amalfi (35 KM), Positano (42 KM)
Ravello (40 KM), Sorrento (25 KM)
Capri (25 Km + the crossing by sea)
Ischia (22 Km + the crossing by sea)
Procida (22 Km + the crossing by sea)


Min = 39 Max = 50 1 people daily
Min = 39 Max = 50 double room for two people per day