The castle of the knights templar

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Pietrelcina, Contrada santa maria, 27
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

In the heart of Campania, where time passes still following the rhythm of nature, it is a rural complex that houses rooms fully renovated and equipped with every comfort where you can spend a pleasant stay.
The old residence, which enjoys an enviable position privilege plays a thirteenth century fortress to experience the magic and the magic of the Middle Ages and offer a particularly charming and cozy stay.
A private park of about 3 hectares of land, is the setting for a charming and panoramic valley, while nature is the cornerstone to the splendid moments you can spend in the green hills of Sannio.-
The Castle of the Knights Templar, embraced by a charming and feature walls with two input ports and drawbridge and surrounded DA old trees, flowers, bushes and an old well is a timeless place, perfect for moments of relaxation and tranquility, far away from stress and the city 'noise and ideal for long, relaxing walks.
The property is situated on the crest of a hill, in a dominant position, with a wonderful view of Pietrelcina, the birthplace of Padre Pio, and the silence, the beautiful landscape, the colors of unspoiled nature give this place an aura of spirituality ' .
In the park and inside you can see the reproductions of the characteristic symbols of the Middle Ages, "the sword in the stone" of the Arthurian sagas, weapons, shields, knights templar, armor, the pillory, the catapult and much more.


Min = 25 Max = 35 1 people daily
Min = 50 Max = 50 double room for two people per day
Min = 300 Max = 300 weekly