Camping casa dei prati

Property Overview

Type: Campeggi
Address: Lacona, Via capo ai pini 27
Owner: Elisabetta Angeli
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

The Camping Village Casa dei Prati is in a quiet and peaceful area, overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Lacona and its famous, sandy beach, without a doubt one of the longest on the Island of Elba. The sea is crystal clear, and is shallow till quite far out, so it is perfect for families with small children.
There are two smaller, but equally fascinating, beaches inside the gulf - Laconella and Margidore: the former is sandy, and has unique inlets to be found nowhere else, the latter is a pebble beach that also has a tiny port for small boats.

Not only is Lacona very popular among tourists as a starting place for excursions, with many itineraries in the heart of the lush, Mediterranean scrub from where the view is breathtaking; being also in the centre of the island, it is not far from the main towns like Capoliveri, Porto Azzurro and Marina di Campo as well as the most popular beaches.
The campsite is in a quiet and peaceful area and is run by the owners themselves, so is perfect for those who wish a truly relaxing holiday where they feel at home.

The beach in Lacona is perfect both for those who want all the comforts and for those with small children. On the southern side of Elba, it is famous not only because it is one of the longest on the island - 1 kilometre long - but also because of its beautiful, fine sands dunes and the water that is shallow till quite far out.

There are small pine groves behind the beach..

The bay is facing the island of Montecristo, and with Capo Stella on its left and Capo Fonza on its right, it is a perfect, natural setting for underwater swimming.

Part of the beach is free, while other parts are run by bathing establishments, where you will find bars, pizzerias, windsurf, sailing and motor boat rentals, and diving centres. Other facilities in Lacona are: a bank, a chemist's, a police station, market, newsagents, bread and cake shops, ice cream parlours, takeaways, fishmonger's, various handicrafts shops. During the summer the traditional open air market is on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings..

Lacona Beach
Lacona Beach, Island of Elba
Lacona Beach
Lacona Beach, Island of Elba
Lacona Beach

Laconella Beach : A beautiful, quiet sandy beach about 250 metres long completely free, no facilities available. Perfect for those who love quiet and peaceful places where nothing has been touched by man. The small promontory of Punta Contessa with its interesting inlets is on the left, and the promontory of Capo Fonza is on the right.

Margidore Beach This beach is 800 metres long, and consists of black, smooth pebbles. It is facing Capoliveri, and on the right there is a wharf where small boats can either be hauled or anchored.

Acquarilli Beach There is a sheer drop down from the cliffs behind this beach that consists of both sand and small pebbles. The water is so clear here that you can admire the sea bed from the car park above it. No facilities.

There are several other beaches in the Capo Stella peninsula, but you can only reach them by sea.


Min = 75 Max = 125 1 people daily
Min = 90 Max = 155 double room for two people per day