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City packages, regular tours, attractive alternative tours, creative tourism and much more in Vilnius and Lithuania.

Promoday tours is a tour and excursion operator based in Vilnius, Lithuania on 2012. We offer different fabulous daily tours in Vilnius and private tours in Lithuania to discover the Baltic gem with entertaining local guides. Our experienced team will offer a new attitude to various tours that we provide for our visitors: city breaks, Regular Thematic Tours (from 1 May to 30 September) only in English, private tours in different languages (for instance English, Italian, Spanish, Russian...), creative tours in Lithuania- you can combine them and design Your own trip to Lithuania. All our guides are young locals with a sense of humour, full of funny stories and valuable knowledge. Don‘t feel like a tourist, experience like a local. Among the Regular Thematic Tours in Vilnius there are three different options: Vilnius Ghost Tour, Alternative Vilnius Tour and Panoramic Tour With Uzupis . (price 15 euros, duration 2 hours).
-If you join Vilnius Ghost Tour in the evening shadows you will find different Vilnius Old Town. The real and fancy stories, myths and legends let imagine how the city used to live hundred years ago. You will hear mysterious curiosities about Vilnius, like the interwined stories of romantic Grand Duke love, different wars horrors, monks swindle and fightings, executioner‘s extraordinary life in the Middle Ages town and much more.
-The Panoramic Tour With Uzupis covers panoramas from different places around Old town and a visit to the bohemian Vilnius district – the Republic of Uzupis, which has his own President and Sherriff. Here you find a Constitution of this Republic declared in 18 different languages, seven bridges, two monuments for the same Duke, art galleries, cosy cafes and can feel the atmosphere of Paris Montmarte. Be inspired of Vilnius images!
-Joining the Alternative Vilnius Tour instead you’re going to see hidden Old Town yards, the marks of the World War II and Soviet period, The first statue in the world for famous American musician Frank Zappa, village houses and the prison in the middle of the city. You will be suprised that Vilnius is so hilly and green! Get to know the city on our alternative walking tour and discover Vilnius from different perspective. See the real Vilnius!
Instead concerning the Private Thematic Walking Tours In Vilnius these are the possible alternatives:
-Vilnius Private Ghost Tour;
-Alternative Vilnius Private Tour;
-Vilnius Panoramic Tours;
-Vilnius With Kids (suitable choice especially for families);
-Magical Christmas Vilnius tour;
-Vilnius Soviet Tour (about the history of Vilnius during the soviet occupation in Lithuania (1940-1991)
N.B: Private Tours can be booked only for you and for your requested time in different languages.
*Booking min 6 hours in advance.

For further information about Promoday's offers or its organised City Breaks (City packages including hotels, organised trips etc...) please contact us via our e-mail address or our phone number written above.