Idris loft matera

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Matera, Via ponte san pietro caveoso
Owner: Simona Gigli
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

Past, present and future. Matera best represents the continuation without interruption of the three time factors. With this Loft Idris Matera spirit is born to make you live the past with its exclusive location in the Sassi, the present and the future with his style of furniture inside.
The Loft Idris Matera was designed and created by restoring an ancient ruin cleverly placed in front of one of the most famous rock churches of Matera: Madonna de Idris. The apartments are furnished in modern style and designed with the latest generation systems for energy saving, fit harmoniously into the historical context of the neighborhood for the selection of the external restoration materials.
Located in the very heart of the Sassi of Matera, you can breathe the charm of the old city by living it from the first moment you set foot outside your home.
l Our accommodation is suitable for couples, lone adventurers, business travelers, families (with children) and furry friends (pets).

The apartments feature a loft bedroom and living area, sofa bed


Min = 69 Max = 300 double room for two people per day