Best western hotel la conchiglia

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Centola, Via indipendenza
Owner: gerri guerrieri
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

A place to dream: the Best Western Hotel La Conchiglia, a jewel set in Palinuro, the pearl of the Cilento Coast, on the section between Punta Licosa and Baia Infreschi. Completely refurbished, in a central and panoramic position, a short distance from the sea, on the town's main street, the heart of the shopping and entertainment district.

Thanks to its strategic position, in the heart of the Cilento national park, it is also the ideal starting point for interesting excursions to discover numerous sites like Pompei (130 km), Paestum (60 km), Velia (25 km) and the charterhouse of Padula (70 km).

Welcoming and comfortable, it has a panoramic terrace providing a magnificent view of Capo Palinuro and includes many different areas suited to rest and relaxation. Our hotel restaurant, which will delight you with traditional local dishes inspired by the pleasures of Mediterranean cooking, complements the above facilities.

The Best Western Hotel La Conchiglia is the ideal place to experience new emotions and try new things: holiday and nature, flavours and colours, music and quietness, leisure and meditation... the only limit is the extent of your imagination!


Min = 40 Max = 100 1 people daily
Min = 80 Max = 200 double room for two people per day