House of music

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Mandello del lario, Via al cimitero 4
Owner: massimom gilardoni
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Lake


Welcome to everybody who have the kindness to read this brief description and to choose my house for a quiet rest in relaxation. The name of my B&B derives from the fact that I am a musician and a lover of all kinds of beautiful art that the man is able to produce by various musical instruments as well as the natural one we have got: the voice.

My B&B that iím going to briefly describe is located in a quiet area in a beautiful lakeside town named Olcio that, in ancient times, it was called Olcium and even before Olium because of the large-scale production of oil: the presence of many olive trees in the fields above the town is still real. Olcio is a small fraction of Mandello del Lario and it is located between lake and mountain, with the possibility of walking and swimming in the lake (about 150 meters).
The detached house, brightly colored both inside and outside, offers guests the possibility of peace that is not easy to find. The flower garden is formed by a green area and another tiled area.
The rooms have a wonderful lake view and a good breakfast, prepared in the garden or in the large living room, gives the right gear for the day.
Two public car parks, not far from the house, offer the possibility of being able to park easily instead the garage is used only for motorcycles and bicycles.
In the town there is a small supermarket with butcher and tobacco shop and a homemade ice cream.

The rest must be discovered coming to visit me.

By writing we can find various solutions. Itís important and gratifying for me that the guests are happy and satisfied about their stay at my house that it will become their house also.

See you soon Massimo Gilardoni



Min = 30 Max = 40 1 people daily
Min = 60 Max = 75 double room for two people per day