Apulia lapis trani

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Trani, Vicolo la giudea ,12
Owner: pasquale bufi
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

nterview with Pasquale & Barbara, the creators of Apulia Lapis (short-term rentals only, maximum 1 month)

So guys, tell us briefly what your idea of a trip is.

The journey is memory, experience, story, memory.
We want our guests to achieve all of these goals.

Why is your name Apulia Lapis?

The name is of Latin derivation and merges the two main features of the structure.
Specifically: Apulia, from the Latin Puglia and Lapis, Stone.
Feeling in a land like Puglia (told by our lights and suggestive local ceramics) and in no other place in the world being surrounded by the typical stone (and tuff) of Trani are our most important characteristics.

How is the accommodation divided?

We are on the ground floor.
At the entrance, after taking advantage of a convenient self check-in you will immediately find yourself in your equipped kitchen (4-burner induction hob and oven in case you want to prepare lunches or dinners, perhaps seafood, buying fresh fish no more than 100 meters away on the port, mini bar, Nespresso coffee machine with Illy capsules and kettle to enjoy Coffee time and Tea time with one of the herbal teas carefully chosen for you).

Passing the kitchen you will arrive in your romantic bedroom (a cave entirely in stone capable of giving feeling).
Finally, there is the equipped bathroom (the prevailing feature is an excellent and spacious shower) with suspended sanitary ware.
In short, there is everything 2 people may need.

For how many guests is Apulia Lapis designed?

Our target is the couple, we thought about making this place an occasion for romance and fun.

Where is your nest located?

Apulia Lapis is located in Vico La Giudea 12 in Trani in the heart of the Jewish Quarter in the historic centre. All the most important places to visit are at your doorstep. The location is strategic.

Parking; In Piazza Castello or Molo Santa Lucia (not far from us).
Parking on the street in Trani in the central areas is usually paid (delimited by blue lines), from 8.30 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 23.00 with an ordinary rate of €0.80\ h; there is also a lump sum payment of €2.00 for half a day and €4.00 for the whole day (subject to new municipal ordinances).

What are the comforts of Apulia Lapis?

In Apulia Lapis you can find services designed specifically for you:

-Pillow menu (low, medium or high according to your strictest needs);
-Mattress 1200 pocket springs with double layer in double Memory Foam;
-Set of bath towels with a weight of 600 per square meter (sauna towels to be clear);
-Bianchi Tandem bike at your complete disposal for urban travel;
- Set of biodegradable, eco-sustainable and strictly handmade bath products (soap, shampoo and shower gel);
- Courtesy kit in reception consisting of typical local products;
- Air purifier for environments with Hepa filter (very useful in times of Covid).

What experiences will your guests have?

Here we return to our initial idea of tourism.
The journey is memory, experience, story, memory.

In order for this to happen, we have created a network of contacts that allow our guests to live tailor-made experiences.

Leafing through the Experience Book you can choose between:

-Guided tours in Italian and foreign language;
- Sailing boat trips;
- Horse riding;
-Trekking and cycle tourism;
-Courses of popular dances;
-Tastings and tours in the cellar.

We believe that this range of experiences represents an excellent holiday possibility.
We would like to point out that all our collaborators are external and therefore the outings are subject to their daily availability and weather conditions.

How many days do you recommend staying in order to fully enjoy your area?

We suggest spending at least 3 nights, after which it is clear that the needs of the guest can be endless.

Why should a guest choose you?

It is enough to re-read the contents of the interview.
The reasons are all there.

What's your motto?
Dream big and go small (…but go anyway)!!!

Have a nice trip from Pasquale & Barbara.

Expected signing of short-term tourist lease.
Identity documents are required.

Facility Identification Code (CIS): BT11000991000030940


Min = 99 Max = 99 double room for two people per day